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I was moving even slower this morning than last week (still with that headache, three weeks now).  Didn’t make it at all.

NinjaBoy was deeply disappointed.  I had to apologize several times and promise to do better next week. He really wanted to go. “Now what am I going to do today if we’re not going to church?!”  It threatened to become a whiny tantrum.  How cool is that?!?

Butterfly said it was fine, but she looked disappointed too.

We’re going to be having a late Thanksgiving due to Horatio’s work schedule, so there’s a question about what to do on Thanksgiving day.  NinjaBoy wants to have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving — pretzel sticks, jellybeans, popcorn, and toast.  He is a finicky vegetarian who eats no Thanksgiving food.

The church sponsors a Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter; you’re supposed to make a dish and drop it off at the church first thing in the morning to be taken to the shelter.   So I’m thinking we’ll cook some real Thanksgiving food to take to that and then eat toast.