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I have no idea what the kids learned in RE this last week.

NinjaBoy said that their holiday was “Hundi”.  He spelled it. I think he meant Hindu.  And I think it might have said “Diwali” on the chalkboard when I dropped him off.  They did a kind of puppet show, possibly, and the one he had was Hanuman the Monkey King. There may have been food.  That’s what I can surmise; he remembered nothing.

Honestly, I would think he had some kind of memory impairment if I hadn’t heard him give his friend a detailed plot description –including verbatim quotes — of the Doctor Who episode “Blink” just the other day.  He can remember things, just nothing educational.

Butterfly mumbled that her class was about “tolerance and diversity” and then changed the subject every time I asked for more information.  That’s all I got.  The curiosity is killing me.