UU Mormon


2009: My kids (NinjaBoy and Butterfly) and I are taking a sabbatical from the LDS church this school year and attending UU services and Religious Exploration classes.  The main point of the blog is to keep family members informed of what our experience is like, but I’m making it public (and anonymous) in case there are others who are interested.

Update 2012: Our sabbatical has extended a little bit — about three and a half years now. We didn’t actually make it through that first year at the UU church; it turns out that it’s incredibly difficult for me to make it to church when church is optional (i.e., it’s not a sin to miss it. Yes, guilt and shame are my most effective motivators), even if I really like the services.  This year Butterfly is taking Our Whole Lives for RE, and attendance is heavily emphasized, so I’ve been much more successful at getting there.


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