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Posted on: November 16, 2010

I’m actually going to church again! It’s not so much by choice, but I still do enjoy it once I get there.

Butterfly is REQUIRED by the county, as a seventh grader and therefore presumably a potential juvenile delinquent and drain on society, to provide 12 hours of community service during the school year.  It’s like preemptive sentencing, I guess.  And it can’t be just any random service or helping out your mom with yardwork or babysitting, either.  It has to be a cohesive 12 hour project approved by the school, and supervised by an adult who is not the child’s parent.


Part of the problem with getting a non-parental adult to supervise is that the child’s grade then depends on the reliability of said adult. And we had trouble finding one because of the tendency of many adults not to answer their email in a timely fashion.  However, we did pull it all together only a week or two after the due date for the proposal, and the full letter drop in her grade because of its tardiness will not be reflected in her final grade.  So, phew.

Butterfly is helping in the nursery during our church’s newly-instituted Saturday evening service.  Since it’s both new and on Saturday, it’s a pretty small service, and there are usually two or three babies in the nursery, which makes it relatively calm and manageable.  Butterfly seems to be enjoying it. And I like it too, because I take her to the nursery and then go to the service, where I can find a seat without being jammed tightly in between two complete strangers.  NinjaBoy has been staying with a neighbor friend while Butterfly and I go to church, and that makes it all so much nicer for everyone!

The services are usually an hour long, so she needs to go 12 times, which will take her into February, probably, since I’m sure she won’t get there every single week.  Sometimes, like this last weekend and every two or three weekends on average, her mother will have yet another #@$%ing migraine and be unable to get her there.  But all we can do is all we can do.


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