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My profile was approved!

Posted on: September 10, 2010

It’s official. I’m philomytha, and  I’m a Mormon.  I feel so validated.

All of my answers were accepted, and they didn’t ask me to revise anything. I didn’t know if they’d like that I said I wasn’t very religious, that I’m only a Mormon because my ancestors were (no profession of belief), that not all members agreed with the church’s stance on Prop 8, and that the church splintered in chaos and confusion after Joseph Smith’s death.  But it seems those were all okay.

It took a bit less than a month to be approved, in case anyone is wondering or waiting…


3 Responses to "My profile was approved!"

I just followed your link and read your profile. I did not see anything that was radical. First of all, you did not say that you were a Mormon only because of your family heritage. (BTW your blog post is ungrammatical in the placement of “only”.) That does not surprise me as I doubt that you are a Mormon “only” because of your family. You might be interested in a book, “My Jesus Year”, by Benyamin Cohen. The author is Orthodox Jewish, a rabbi’s son, from Atlanta, and he spends a year visiting Christian denominations in the Bible Belt. In the chapter on Mormons, he spends a day with two Sister Missionaries. One is a convert but the other, born in the covenant, is like the author in that she sort of resents not having had the opportunity to choose her religion. It does not spoil the ending to tell you that, at the end of the year, the author returns home with his Orthodox Jewish faith renewed. If you suspect that I am recommending the book as a device to get you to ditch the UU, you are right, but I am using a means which I hope shows a measure of sympathy albeit not empathy. I am a convert so I have to try consciously to not be annoyed by Saints like you and to recall that you have not had the benefit of my experience.

Back to your profile:

Non-members reading it will all know plenty of people of various religions who are not very religious and plenty of such readers will themselves be not very religious.

The fact that not all members supported Prop 8 plays right into the Church’s objective of showing that we are not all brainwashed cult members (just some of us like me). BTW, can you count on one hand all of the UU who supported Prop 8? Yes, I thought so. So, who is really diverse?

The schism after Joseph’s martyrdom is laid out on Wikipedia and likely to be known by any internet-savvy investigators and, in any event, is nothing shocking.

I think that, in light of its publicly stated objectives, the Church was probably quite pleased with your profile and would like to see more like it. If your objective was to be a dissident oppressed by censorship, I hope that you are not too disappointed. Otherwise, congrats.

Please spell “the Church” with the word “Church” capitalized.


First, I wasn’t trying to be radical. I wasn’t trying to be a dissident. I wasn’t trying to state anything shocking. I was quite careful to phrase things in a way I felt was honest, but not critical. My point wasn’t to tear down the church, but to represent my own feelings and views.

I think the church’s campaign and goals with the mormon.org website are fantastic. I support it and I wanted to participate. I just didn’t know if they were interested in showing a diversity of belief or only a diversity of life circumstances. In other words, I didn’t know if they’d publish a profile that didn’t say “I have a testimony of Christ, I know the church is true and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet,” etc. None of which I could honestly say.

I’m Mormon because my ancestors were and it’s my heritage, simple as that. I consider Mormons to be a people and a culture as much as a church, and that makes me as Mormon as anyone else and I’m pleased and honored to be included on the website. And if the church likes my profile, that’s wonderful. I hope they do publish more like it. It could only make things better if people felt they could be honest about their beliefs without always having to say “I know” when they don’t.

I have nothing against the church. Participating in it didn’t make me happy, but it does make other people happy, so that makes it a good thing.

So thank you for the congratulations. Not so much for nitpicking my grammar though, that’s not polite. Also, I don’t capitalize “church” because in English common nouns are not capitalized.

I find your contribution to be refreshing and honest. I have ranged in my LDS religious convictions from completely believing through all the nuances to pretty much not believing most of it.

I find Murdock to be a pompous ass who acts like so many common trolls out there who presume they know you better than you know yourself. He focuses on minutiae so that he can ignore the big picture because that big picture shakes him to the core. “What if I am wrong?! What if the church…er I mean…The Church is wrong? Is it possible that I am a fool?! NO! Dissenters are fools, not I!”
So laughable!! It is far wiser to take the counsel of so many prophets and of the church itself…”Find out for yourself. Doubt. Ask. Pray. Do not believe simply because you were told to.” When I did this, I had personal revelation and witness that the church is a man made construct and I should put no more faith into it than I should put into any other church. I trust my relationship with God. I trust the revelation he gives me. And I trust myself. Simple as that.

I am so glad you were able to be accepted and felt validate at “I am a Mormon”. It means that the members there and the church can accept you as you are. And Murdock’s comment is proof that he is an intolerant Pharisee that most members of the LDS church would eschew as not being an example of one of them.

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