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Still Waiting

Posted on: August 21, 2010

My profile on mormon.org is still “Pending Review.”

In an interview in Deseret News the church media director talks about the diversity among the church membership, and then says “Yet surprisingly, if you read the 3,000 mormon.org profiles, you will find those people are very unified in the understanding of what they believe. It is shocking. I expected responses to be all over the place, and they are not.”

Hm.  That could be because true-believing, missionary-minded folks who have a good grasp of correlated material are the ones creating profiles.  Or it could be because only the “correct” beliefs are being allowed through.  Or both.

I’m wondering how long the review process takes.  Anybody know?


14 Responses to "Still Waiting"

some people associated with the site came by mormon matters a while back and said that the review process “sometimes” gets caught up, but that it shouldn’t take THAT long.

I don’t know if the guy left his email on that thread…I could look later.

woops. forgot to sign up for comments

Is it true the reviewing is done at the MTC? I’d feel kinda bad if I’m making some missionary’s life hard because he doesn’t know what to do with what I said.

I did not hear anything about *that*.

that would be HILARIOUS.

It is shocking. I expected responses to be all over the place, and they are not.

ROTFL! I’m sorry, but after decades of learning the rote responses to basic missionary questions out of the dumbed-down correlated manuals, the media director imagines that the members don’t know how to answer such standard questions “correctly”? Sorry but just how dumb do they imagine that the members are??

Seriously, though, the media director must know that the responses are “correlated”. The remark about being “shocked” is just the usual dishonest PR posturing.

Yeah, I had similar thoughts. Also, when you’re filling out the profile, it says right next to every box you type in, “Your answers should be in harmony with Church doctrine.” I’m assuming they’ll let you know if they’re not.

Yes, they will. Didn’t you see this?

If they reject a profile, they let you know why. Like here


Yeah, this email notification thing really works! I’m glad we finally installed it over at MSP. 😀

All the moderated mormon.org profiles are totally unified in their statements of doctrine? I stand all amazed! I never would have predicted that.

LOL! I assume you’ve seen hawkgrrl’s series on the FAQs over at Mormon Matters? They’ve let through some wacky answers, especially on the polygamy question. But they’re widely-accepted-in-the-church wacky answers, so I guess that’s okay.

Did you see this article? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/holly-welker/mormon-pr-campaign-good-m_b_690383.html

Oh, she makes a good point. Which is totally supported by that Scientologist skateboarder commercial that looks exactly like the Mormon skateboarder commercial. Look, Scientologists are cool, normal people! I can’t say that it gives me a better impression of Scientology though.

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