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A Vote for the LDS Church

Posted on: January 10, 2010

In the chapel service this morning NinjaBoy turned to me and said “Are we going to this church forever?”  I said I didn’t know, and asked what he thought.  He said he wanted to go back to our old church.  Because at our old church he didn’t have to try new foods.


3 Responses to "A Vote for the LDS Church"

Clearly the young man has never attended Church in New Zealand…

Young Men’s activity down on the beach, and the pull out a bunch of Abalone (Perlemon/Paua). Rip the snail out of the shell by hand, flick of the guts, and hand me a piece cut from the middle.

It’s the heart – the best part… Seeing as it’s your first trip with us, why don’t you try it….

Ewwwwwww! And he’s complaining because they want him to try dried pineapple… 😛

I think it would be a good experience, if he wants it Maybe it’ll be a good lesson about grass always seeming greener on the other side

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