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RE Week 3 – Ramadan and Peace

Posted on: October 4, 2009

by Philomytha

Short on words today, but I do have to mention that a miracle occurred this morning.

My boy tasted a date.

This is big. Really big. He also tried pita bread, string cheese, and clementines. The only thing he wouldn’t taste was the hummus.

Need I mention that the teacher bribed the kids with candy if they would taste everything? I don’t think even that would work for me at home.

Today’s holiday was Ramadan. They talked about how it was supposed to remind Muslims of the people in the world who never have enough to eat. And they wrote their names in Arabic.

My daughter’s class lit many chalices instead of just one, turned off the lights, and looked at the flames. Then they were supposed to write about how it made them feel.

Butterfly said it made her feel calm.

She also drew a picture of one way in which she wanted to make the world a better place — a water-powered car. Have I mentioned she’s a little bit of an environmentalist?


2 Responses to "RE Week 3 – Ramadan and Peace"

sounds like an awesome class for kids! How is the adult sunday school class going?

The adults go to the main worship service while the kids are in RE. Kinda like sending the kids to Primary while the adults go to Sacrament Meeting. So I haven't actually been to the worship service yet! There have been a couple times where the kids go to the first 15 minutes of the service before going to their classes, so I've heard a little, and the music has been AMAZING. Yesterday there was a high school kid playing his own composition on the guitar and it was so beautiful. It was worth going just for that.

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